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How to Keep Your Room Air Conditioner Clean

by Ivan Prescott

The cleanliness of your air conditioner greatly affects its effectiveness.The cooling fins as well as the condenser coils should be kept clean and the fins should be straightened regularly. It's simple that you can do yourself without the need to involve a professional.  This way, you get to save money and learn something at the same time. The following are the necessary steps.

Materials Required

Visit your local hardware store to acquire the materials you need. They include air conditioner coil cleaner, a screwdriver, the Frigidaire fin comb kit, electric motor oil and a shop vacuum. You will also need some rags and a household cleaner.

Comb the Fins Out

Make sure that you wear leather gloves for protection before starting your task. Depending on what type of unit you're working on, remove the case in order to access the cooling fins. If it's a window unit, you will need to unscrew the case at the bottom using the screwdriver in order to remove the case. Take note of where each screw goes in order to replace it correctly when you're done. If not, take the filter panel out. It should snap off before sliding it out in order to access the cooling fins.

Using a comb from the Frigidaire fin comb kit, ensure that the ends of the comb match those of the fins. Put the comb in and then pull it upwards in order to straighten the fins.

Spray the Coils

Vacuum both coils to get rid of all the buildup from previous use. Then proceed to spray the coils in order to clean them using the air conditioner cleaner. Let the foam from the spray work its magic while you clean the fan blades using a rag and the household cleaner.

Look for the oiling ports on your air conditioner and pop the lids whether they are rubber-capped or plastic-capped. Pour in a few drops of electric motor oil in order to keep the fans working effectively. Use the household cleaner and the rag to clean the air filter.

Replace the Lid/Case

Having carried out all the necessary steps, carefully replace the lid or the case on your air conditioner unit and use the screwdriver to put all the screws back in place. Test the unit to find out if it's working correctly. If it still doesn't blow cooler air, then there may be other problems with your unit. Contact a professional like Tozer Air Conditioning for more help.