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Ducted Heating: The Solutions That Are Available To You

by Ivan Prescott

If you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather conditions, you may want to consider heating solutions for your home to make it more comfortable during the severe temperature changes. One of the heating systems that homeowners will choose is ducted heating. This type of heating system is popular as it ensures the effective as well as uniform heating of your residence. With ducted heating, it is unlikely to experience cold spots in your home, as you will have installed the ducts throughout the different rooms that will require heating. Moreover, you also have the flexibility to choose the locations of these heating ducts ranging from the floor of your home, the walls or even the ceiling. Below are some of the different solutions that are available to you if you are considering ducted heating for your home.

Reverse cycle systems

If you are looking for a ducted heating solution that you can use whether the weather is cold or hot, then a reverse cycle system would be an ideal option. As the name suggests, the functionality of this type of heating system can be reversed. This means you can use the same infrastructure to cool your home during the hotter months, the same way you use it to heat your home during colder weather. If you want added functionality, you can opt for a reverse cycle system that comes with dehumidifying capabilities. This will ensure that your home's air stays dry during the humid months.

Gas systems

Ducted gas heating is an energy efficient option for homeowners who would like to decrease their dependency on electricity as their primary source of heating energy. These types of ducted heating systems will have special flues installed to ensure that the gas emissions are safely eliminated away from the home, rather than being circulated in the air. Gas systems are mainly ideal for areas that experience colder temperatures more regularly than hotter weather as they do not have the capability of being used as a cooling system too. Nevertheless, they are an economical option for people looking for affordable ducted heating.

Geothermal ducted heating

This is one of the most costly solutions you could consider when it comes to ducted heating. However, once you have paid the for the initial investment, you will not be incurring energy-related costs as the system will make use of heat from the ground. These systems function by extracting the geothermal energy and pumping the heat around your home.