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Affordable Air Conditioning Options for Living in the Tropics

by Ivan Prescott

Living in the tropics combined both the challenges of very high temperatures and extremely high humidity. Having an effective air conditioning system can help make your home much more comfortable and help you to enjoy living in such a beautiful region. 


While fans do not provide direct cooling, they can often help the home feel cooler by moving the air around and helping to circulate fresh air. This can be particularly useful when a building has been left closed up all day and you want to circulate some cooler air through the home at night. Fans can also be a great option for outdoor areas such as poolside alfresco areas where people may be sitting around after swimming. Having large outdoor fans can help the area to feel fresher and help people to enjoy the warm temperatures. They tend to be the most cost-effective cooling option. 

Fans often aren't as useful inside during the heat of the day, as they are moving hot air around and don't have much of a cooling effect.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling works by making the air more humid to create a cooling effect, which makes it not that useful in highly humid climates. It is often looked at as an affordable option, but as it does not that effective it tends not to be that useful. 

It can also have maintenance issues, as the air conditioning will be warm and humid for long periods of time which makes the air conditioning more prone to grow mould and fungus if not correctly maintained. 

Reverse cycle air conditioning 

Reverse cycle air conditioning can either warm or cool the house, although you may not find yourself reaching for the heating button that often in the tropics! They work well no matter what the  humidity which works well for the tropics. The warm humid air is drawn in and passed over a cooling coil, and the cool air is blown into the room. This is a very energy efficient way to cool a home with a 1:3 ratio of heating or cooling for each unit of electricity passed through the unit. 

Many people living in the tropics find a combination of fans and reverse cycle air conditioning can create a cool and pleasant living environment in their home year round. If you want to explore air conditioning option for your home, you should contact an HVAC contractor today. For more information, contact a business such as Kintore Airconditioning.