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Changes You'll Notice When You Switch to Ducted Air Conditioning

by Ivan Prescott

Choosing a new HVAC system in a modern world full of possibilities can feel confusing. All systems come with their advantages, but when you're not familiar with a particular type it's normal to wonder what living with it is like. By learning more about how your life will change after installing ducted air conditioning, you can decide if it's right for you.

Your property may look better

One of the biggest advantages of a ducted air conditioning unit is that it's far more inconspicuous than other types. Ducted systems usually rest inside your ceiling, and they're not always obvious. This is an improvement from large systems that protrude outside, which may require you to move plants and other decorative items to disguise them. If your previous system was a bit of an external eyesore, you may feel happier with your property's overall appearance when you try a ducted option.

Maintaining an even temperature throughout is possible

Another major advantage of a ducted air conditioning system is that it tends to cool all of your property rather than just a few specific rooms. As a result, controlling your home's temperature centrally is simple. Maintaining an even temperature also allows you to better predict your energy bills, and it may result in you spending less on electricity.

You may be able to combine your cooling and heating

Installing two separate systems so that you can keep your property warm during the winter and cool during the summer can feel like a waste of space at times. Depending on the type of ducted system you choose, you may be able to add your heating to it. This means you only need to operate one system throughout the year, and it could translate to lower maintenance costs in the long term.

Life could become a little quieter

Depending on the type of air conditioning system you use now, you may find that using ducted air conditioning results in less noise. Although some people appreciate the white-noise effect that comes with older systems, others find that it disrupts their sleep and it can interrupt their ability to hear the TV and radio clearly. With less noise, ducted air conditioning can result in an overall more peaceful lifestyle, without sacrificing any of the usual cooling benefits you experience.

From lower energy bills throughout the year to less noise, there are lots of advantages to using a ducted system. If you believe installing one is right for your home or business, contact a professional team to discuss your needs.