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4 Signs Your Gas Heating System Needs Repair

by Ivan Prescott

Gas heating is usually very reliable, but there are maintenance issues that can affect this type of system. If your gas heating system shows any of the following signs of needing repair, contact a gas heating repair service as soon as possible to keep your heating system working safely and efficiently.

1. Bad Eggs Smell

If you use gas heating in your home, it is vitally important for you to learn to identify the telltale sign of a gas leak, which is a strong smell of bad eggs. If you notice this distinctive smell in your home, you should shut off the gas supply, open a window to let out the leaked gas and call a heating repair service right away. Do not light any cigarettes, matches, candles or pilot lights while you wait for the gas engineer to arrive, as gas is very flammable.

2. Carbon Monoxide

Everyone who uses gas heating should have a carbon monoxide detector in their home. Gas heating systems can produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, when they malfunction. This dangerous production of carbon monoxide occurs when the natural gas does not burn cleanly in the furnace due to a lack of oxygen.

If your carbon monoxide detector indicates that there is carbon monoxide gas in your home, you should turn off the heating, open a window for ventilation and call a gas engineer immediately. Be sure to check your carbon monoxide detector regularly to keep your family safe.

3. Dirty furnace

Incomplete combustion can occur when your gas heating system is not working properly. Instead of burning cleanly, gas undergoes a reaction in an oxygen-deficient situation which produces soot and other waste products. These products of incomplete combustion coat the inside of the furnace, making it appear unusually dirty.

Rather than simply cleaning soot from your furnace, take the time to schedule heating repair services. This will help to ensure that your heating system works efficiently, which could lead to lower heating costs and ensure that your gas heating system does not pose a safety risk.

4. High Heating Bills

If your heating bills suddenly become very high, that is a clear sign that something is wrong with your gas heating system, which could develop into a safety issue if you do not take action now to get it fixed. Scheduling heating repair can not only keep you safe but also help you save money in the long run. 

For more information, contact a heating repair service today.