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New HVAC, New Ductwork: 4 Reasons Why You Need New Ductwork for Your New Central HVAC System

by Ivan Prescott

Are you investing in a new central heating and cooling system for your home? If so, you may be tempted to use the same ductwork you had for your old system. While this isn't necessarily wrong, it can present problems in the future and deny you the opportunity to enjoy maximum efficiency from your new unit. Therefore, before you make the decision, here are the four reasons why new ductwork would be ideal for the new unit.

Proper Sizing of the Ductwork

What are the chances your old ductwork is sized to your new heating and cooling system? If your old HVAC unit was around a decade old, the kind of ductwork it had may not be suitable for your new unit. For example, if you invested in a bigger system, you need the ducts to match up to the system; otherwise, it could malfunction. Investing in new ductwork guarantees proper sizing as the installer will take into consideration the features of your new HVAC. This translates into better performance.

Less Noise During Operation

Was your old central unit getting a little noisy? If so, there's a chance that the problem was partially due to the old ductwork. Over time, the ducts may begin to sag in some areas, and this causes the air to generate noise as it flows through them. Other times, improperly sized ducts can make noise as they expand to allow air to pass through. To avoid noisy operation, you need to install new ducts. With proper sizing and installation, your new HVAC system should operate quietly all year round.

More Purified Air

Investing in a new HVAC system with HEPA filters is futile if you use old, dirty ductwork. As the air travels through dirty ducts, it will collect dust and other pollutants. Thus, the new system will do little to provide clean air. If your ductwork is old or worn, cleaning it may not generate the desired results. Instead, consider replacing it with new ductwork that will supply clean air to your home. Also, ensure proper installation to prevent leaks which allow dust into HVAC ducts.

Improved Efficiency

A new HVAC system paired with new ductwork is incredibly energy-efficient. You can say goodbye to air leaks, regular duct cleaning, frequent repairs and lots of other maintenance tasks associated with old units and ducts. In the end, you may save a lot of money on annual heating and cooling costs and maintenance.

As you replace your old central HVAC system, consider getting new ductwork as well. Talk to an HVAC technician to learn more about your heating and cooling options.