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Signs Your Commercial Heater Needs Repair

by Ivan Prescott

Businesses highly depend on boilers for heating since they use less moving parts compared to heat pumps and furnaces. Because of that, they accumulate minimal wear and tear. However, this is not a guarantee that your boiler will not break down. It is easy to ignore proper boiler system installation, maintenance, and repairs until the unit breaks down completely, yet that has dire consequences.

For instance, failing to repair your boiler on time can result in extensive damage, which will eventually cost you more on getting it rectified. Use the pointers below to know when it's time to repair your boiler:

When You Hear Rattling and Rumbling Sounds

Rattling and rumbling noises are clear indications that something is wrong with your boiler. It could be that the circulating pump is loose or malfunctioning, hence shaking in its casing. On the other hand, unusual sounds might indicate a buildup of debris at the bottom of the tank, resulting in overheating and reduced efficiency.

When There Is Water Leakage Near the Boiler

Boilers are designed as closed-loop systems, meaning that water shouldn't escape. So, puddles of water near the boiler are not a good sign. Ignoring leaks could lead to scaling from minerals such as calcium carbonate. Having the leaks sealed right away might avert further damage to the system. 

When You Start Experiencing Delayed Heating

If you have used your boiler for several years, you already know how long it takes to begin heating the building. If it starts taking longer to heat, there could be circulation problems with the boiler, and it may be the ideal time to call in professionals.

When You Notice Rising Energy Bills 

Boilers don't use much power, so high bills are an obvious sign that your boiler has underlying issues pushing it to work harder than usual. Instead of enduring these high bills, call an expert to identify and correct the problems.

When There Is Uneven Temperature and Odd Smells

A functional boiler should heat all the rooms evenly. If that is not happening, hire a boiler system installation and repair technician to inspect and fix the underlying issue.

It is also essential to look out for unfamiliar smells, such as burning metal or plastic. These usually signal problems in the circuits. In case you detect a rotten egg odour, it could be a gas leak, which is pretty dangerous and requires immediate professional intervention. But turn off the gas supply as you wait for the repair technician.

You should always have a set budget for boiler repairs and the contact details of a repair technician. Remember, only insured, certified, and bonded technicians can handle boiler system installation and repair with the attention they deserve.