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Split Air Conditioning System Installation Guide

by Ivan Prescott

Split air conditioners are a preferred Air conditioning system since they enable homeowners to make significant energy savings. If you intend to build a home or improve your home's AC system, you should go for a split air conditioning system. Below is a guide detailing how the systems work and the considerations to make when buying and installing the split AC system. 

How Do Split Air Conditioning Systems Work? 

The split air conditioning system consists of two units: the outdoor and indoor unit. A series of pipes connect these units as opposed to the ducts used in central air conditioning systems. During a cooling cycle, a refrigerant in a gaseous state is pushed into the condenser, where it changes into a liquid. This liquid is converted back into a gas as it passes through the expansion joint. As this happens, the indoor unit sucks warm air from the room. Once this air comes into contact with the cold refrigerant, it cools down and is blown back into the room. The gaseous refrigerant goes into the compressor, ready for another cycle.  

Buying a Split AC System

You may be concerned about the new system's durability. Typically, you should conduct extensive research to identify companies that make durable systems with years of warranty. Consequently, you should check which system is ideal for your home. More often than not, you will require an HVAC professional to calculate the British Thermal Units needed to heat the house. It will help you determine which system suits your needs. 

Ideally, go for a system with a high energy efficiency rating. You should also check the features of the system. For example, it should have a thermostat to allow you to regulate the internal temperatures. Besides, the system should be compatible with your devices. It enables you to adjust the temperatures remotely. For instance, you could command the system to start cooling the house ten minutes before you arrive home. 

Split AC System Installation Tips

Below are some essential installation tips that every homeowner should know: 

  • The indoor unit should be high enough (at least 7 feet above the ground) to ensure it can cool the room efficiently.
  • Set the indoor unit at an angle to ensure it blows air to every corner of the room.
  • Place the outdoor unit on a flat, rigid surface to prevent vibrations.
  • Create an overhead shelter for the outdoor unit to protect it from rains and dirt. 

As a rule of thumb, you should hire an experienced HVAC professional to install the unit. Learn more by contacting air conditioning installation contractors.