Repairing storm damage to the air conditioner

Reasons To Hire A Profesional To Install Your Aircon

by Ivan Prescott

The air conditioning system is arguably one of the most essential components of your residential property. After all, your home could become uninhabitable during the cold or hot seasons if you do not have an aircon system. DIY aircon installation guides on the internet tempt most homeowners to install the systems without the help of a professional. However, the risks of these installations often outweigh their benefits. The best practice is to hire an HVAC installer to fix the system. If you doubt this assertion, read this piece to learn why you need a professional aircon installation

A Professional Helps You Choose a Suitable System

Can you tell which aircon system suits your home? Most homeowners rely on home improvement blogs and customer reviews to determine suitable AC models. While this assessment helps you choose a durable brand and model, it does not help you identify an appropriate AC system. Each property has unique heating and cooling needs. The rule is that the purchased AC system should have sufficient power to cool or warm the property. A professional HVAC installer conducts some computations to establish the British Thermal Units needed to cool or heat the house. They also consider factors such as insulation, gaps in your doors or windows, openings, property orientation and any other factors that affect the aircon's efficiency. The assessment helps them determine the size of aircon needed in your home. 

A Professional Helps Improve the System's Functionality

During installation, the professional makes several adjustments that help improve the functionality of the aircon system. For instance:

  • The professional could recommend the use of a thermostat. This device allows you to adjust the temperatures accurately rather than relying on the hot or cold setting.
  • The installer could install a heat pump that helps you change the heating and cooling modes seamlessly.
  • The professional could automate the system, allowing you to control the AC remotely from your devices.
  • The HVAC installer could recommend minor home improvements to prevent heat loss from your property. For example, they could install seals around your doors or windows. Alternatively, they could ask you to consider roof repairs to prevent wet walls during the rainy season.
  • The professional cleans and repairs the ductwork to avoid defects that cause heat loss or air contamination.

Professional Installations Have a Guarantee

What would happen if you made a wiring error when conducting a DIY aircon installation? Well, most manufacturers will void the warranty since you are not a licenced installer. Conversely, if you hire a certified installer, you do not have to worry about defects caused by poor installation or negligence. If the manufacturer warranty does not cover the issue, the professional's liability cover compensates you for the loss.