Repairing storm damage to the air conditioner

  • Types of Air Conditioning Installations

    16 November 2020

    Air conditioners are available in many different sizes and shapes, making it difficult to choose the appropriate one for your home. When choosing an air conditioner for your home, it's important to consider the size, capacity and purpose of the system. Here's a breakdown of the types of air conditioning systems you can get. Split-System Air Conditioning This installation is best suited for compact spaces and for cooling and heating individual rooms in your house.

  • 4 Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair

    25 August 2020

    If your air conditioning system is behaving strangely, you might not be sure whether to call in an HVAC service or simply hope that the problem goes away. The following problems are all signals that your air conditioning system needs professional attention. Ignoring any of them could lead to further problems developing with your air conditioning system, so it is best to schedule a repair as soon as possible. 1. Inadequate cooling

  • New HVAC, New Ductwork: 4 Reasons Why You Need New Ductwork for Your New Central HVAC System

    28 May 2020

    Are you investing in a new central heating and cooling system for your home? If so, you may be tempted to use the same ductwork you had for your old system. While this isn't necessarily wrong, it can present problems in the future and deny you the opportunity to enjoy maximum efficiency from your new unit. Therefore, before you make the decision, here are the four reasons why new ductwork would be ideal for the new unit.