Repairing storm damage to the air conditioner

  • The Secrets of Air Conditioning: Why Regular Maintenance is Key to Optimal Performance

    10 October 2023

    As the scorching summer heat arrives, air conditioning becomes a crucial part of many people's lives. But have you ever wondered how air conditioning systems actually work? This post explores the inner workings of air conditioning units and the importance of regular maintenance in keeping them in top performance. Understanding the Basics of Air Conditioning To comprehend how air conditioning works, one needs to first understand a few key components. Air conditioning systems consist of an evaporator coil, a compressor, a condenser coil and a refrigerant.

  • Customisation Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

    27 June 2023

    The benefit of ducted air conditioning over alternatives such as split systems or portable models is that it provides a comprehensive solution for an entire household. The ducted network can radiate out to all areas of a home, not just certain parts.  Adding to the convenience, you can choose a model with a zoning feature that allows you to segment your house into distinct zones, which you can cool independently. Here are a couple of other benefits of this customisable type of air conditioning.

  • Benefits to Keep in Mind with a Reverse Split System Air Conditioner

    7 April 2023

    Are you considering getting a reverse-cycle HVAC system for your home? If you are, here are several benefits to keep in mind. Flexible Split-system air conditioning is flexible, as it can heat or cool one room or many, so you can choose how much or how little of your house you want it to cover. For example, you can fit one split system in a living area. The indoor unit will be connected to one outdoor unit.