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Industrial Cold Storage: Improving the Energy Efficiency in the Space

by Ivan Prescott

Commercial and industrial cool rooms are essential for maintaining the freshness of perishable and heat-sensitive products. Unfortunately, cold rooms tend to consume a lot of electrical energy because they must be functional at all times. Moreover, the refrigeration spaces are usually large, increasing the power demands. If you are not cautious about your maintenance and upkeep practices, you will keep wasting power and reducing your total profits. Here are some practical tips to help improve your cold storage energy efficiency and limit your expenses on power.

Clean the Cold Storage Components

The efficiency of commercial refrigeration spaces can be compromised by the accumulation of dirt and grime on functional components. Therefore, if you are interested I enhancing energy efficiency, you should be diligent in your cleaning practices. You should pay particular attention to the condenser unit. The condenser is responsible for removing the heat from the cold room and maintaining the desired temperature. However, if the unit is covered by debris or layers of dirt, it will not work as expected. Therefore, you should set apart time to clean the component for optimal performance. The evaporation coils can also have an impact on energy efficiency, so you should keep these clean and clear of debris.

Check the Door Sealing

You should inspect your door on a regular basis to ensure that it is not contributing to inefficiencies. In simple terms, if your industrial refrigeration door cannot close correctly, it will allow cold air to escape and warm air to flow into the cool room. As a result, the components of the commercial cold storage will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This functional problem will not only increase energy consumption. It will contribute to the accelerated wear of internal cold room components. Therefore, you should make sure the door is in excellent condition and properly closed at all times. If the seal around the door is broken, you should perform immediate repairs.

Respond to Interior Problems

Your commercial cold storage room could experience energy losses due to malfunctions in the cooling system. Therefore, you should keep your eye on common problems which indicate internal failure. For instance, there might be a problem with your refrigeration unit if strange noises are coming from the cold storage. Ice on the evaporator coils and unusual fragments on the condensers could indicate inefficient operation and impending failure. If you notice abnormalities in your cool room, you should commission immediate troubleshooting by experienced HVAC contractors.