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Solar panels

by Ivan Prescott

Solar panels have become very popular today due to the fact that they are a key component in the race to expand the use of solar energy in the world. Solar panels can be categorised according to their type or area of application.

12V Solar Panels

There are different types of solar panels which can be found on the market today. Solar panels are designed to ensure that they are able to use and harness energy that is sourced from the sun. Solar panels of 12 volts are usually small and have a small output of power which is 12V. 12V solar panels are used in car battery maintenance, RV and marine appliance, golf cars, communication radios and garden fittings such as pond lights or pumps.

The output that is achieved from 12V solar panels may not be enough to power a household but they are effective in sustaining small electronics and electrical gadgets or devices. 12V solar panels are also portable and flexible to carry around which makes them very cost effective.

Solar panels used in car battery maintenance are very effective because they can charge your car battery when it has very low voltage as long as you may have access to the sun. Communication radios can also be charged using 12V solar panels with ease. Communication radios are utilised in remote areas which may not have electricity. The solar panels are effective in charging them to ensure that they can function properly.

Marine Solar Panels

Marine solar panels are ideal for a boat that may require a solar array. Marine solar panels are lightweight and durable which means they last a long time and are not heavy to carry. Marine solar panels are also very thin which makes it very easy to install on most structures. This allows them to be positioned anywhere because they are lightweight and thin in nature.

Marine solar panels are sturdy in that individuals can be able to walk on them if it may be necessary. In marine applications, this means that marine solar panels can be installed even on the deck where people stand and they will still serve their purpose effectively. Marine panels which are small generally produce 40 to 50 watts. This makes it possible to connect them directly to a battery. Large marine solar panels produce 16 to 18 volts. This makes it possible to connect them to an everyday solar controller directly.