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Customisation Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

by Ivan Prescott

The benefit of ducted air conditioning over alternatives such as split systems or portable models is that it provides a comprehensive solution for an entire household. The ducted network can radiate out to all areas of a home, not just certain parts. 

Adding to the convenience, you can choose a model with a zoning feature that allows you to segment your house into distinct zones, which you can cool independently. Here are a couple of other benefits of this customisable type of air conditioning.

Distribute Cool Air Evenly in Open-Plan Living Areas

Ducted air conditioning can effectively cool large spaces, such as open-plan living areas that are the size of several rooms. You can construct the duct network to lead to two or three vents in the open area to evenly disperse cool air. The convenience of ducted systems lies in the fact that you can construct additional vents while only needing to install one central unit.

Split systems aren't as customizable in this sense because you install them in one location from where they blow air, and they can't disperse the air at a distance from where they sit. If you want two output air flows, you have to install two indoor evaporator units, which can be visually obtrusive.

Customise the Installation for Different Architectures

When you install ducted air conditioning, you need to choose the location for the indoor unit, which should be hidden somewhere within the building. A ceiling installation may be commonplace, but it's not the only option; ducted air conditioning is customizable in this sense.

Depending on your house's architecture, you may be able to install the central unit under the flooring. If not, you may have to get creative. Do you have a room where you can wall off one end and put the air conditioning in there? Other options could include a laundry, attic, or garage. Wherever you install the indoor unit, the duct network branches out from that location, which needs to be somewhere inside that's connected to the rest of the house.

The Value of Infrastructure

Not being trivial to install, the duct network and vents are a significant piece of infrastructure that adds to the setup cost of the air conditioning. But they also have long-term value. If you sell your house in the future, this infrastructure will add value for buyers. They will know it's a significant investment that has already been undertaken.

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