Repairing storm damage to the air conditioner

  • How To Replace Rotten Insulation On Your Air Conditioning System External Lines

    22 February 2017

    When condensation forms around the insulation on your outdoor air conditioning system lines, the insulation begins to rot. Rotten insulation raises your fuel bills as your system becomes less efficient, using more energy to carry out its job. Fortunately, replacing rotten insulation is quite a simple task that you can carry out yourself if you have a little DIY experience and the right tools. Here's how to replace rotten air conditioning line insulation.

  • Fibreglass Duct Insulation Products Available Today

    6 February 2017

    For many years, fibreglass has been the primary material used to insulate air duct systems. The objective is to ensure comfort and efficiency every time you run your air conditioning system. Fibreglass insulation ensures temperature control so that your HVAC can deliver cool or warm air that suits your ventilation needs. It also comes in handy for acoustical control, regulating the noise produced by the whole system. Lastly, fibreglass insulation conserves energy and prevents condensed water from damaging the ductwork.

  • Benefits of Refrigeration Servicing

    25 January 2017

    When was the last time you had your refrigeration equipment serviced? Do you have a maintenance and servicing plan? Servicing your refrigerator is vital especially if you have a commercial refrigerator as any delay in repair would mean your business activities will come to a standstill and this will eat into your profits. A commercial refrigeration unit is an integral part of any business and probably shares a large part of routine business activities.

  • Is It Time to Go Ductless With Your Cooling System?

    29 December 2016

    When you need a cooling system installed in your home, you have many options from which to choose, and one is a ductless or split system unit. This is the type of system you see in hotel rooms; the air is not pushed through ducts in the walls but from a panel that cools just one space, not an entire building. Ductless systems can offer many advantages over a conventional ducted or central air unit; note when it can be good to choose a ductless system and why this can be a good choice.

  • How to Do Some Simple Checks If You Have HVAC Heating Problems

    21 December 2016

    It's tough to think about heating in the middle of a sweltering Australian summer. However, you know that the seasons will soon change, and it will be time to crank up some artificial comfort again. What do you need to do if your heating isn't working properly or you have other issues with your HVAC? Step-By-Step If you're trying to diagnose the problem yourself at home, the best way to go about it is to start with the more obvious and accessible components, and start to work steadily backwards.

  • There Goes Your Freon

    5 December 2016

    Freon is often used as a refrigerant gas in commercial air conditioning systems. Its preference for this kind of use is explained by its low flammability and its non-toxic nature.  Leakages are considered the only avenue through which refrigerant gas is lost from an air conditioning system. Below is a discussion on how to tell that Freon is leaking out of your AC unit and the possible causes of such leakage.

  • Home Renovations That Can Help Lower Your Electric Bill

    2 December 2016

    If you have been struggling with a high electric bill, it might be time to think of long-term solutions. While keeping the lights turned off and trying not to use the heater or air conditioner as much can certainly help, there are some renovations that are even better for lowering your electric bill. While you pay a little more in the beginning, it becomes a long-term investment that is worth it in the long run.